Monday, January 26, 2009

"Paul advises Christians to go about all ordinary activities of life in a manner which is different from the rest of humanity who are totally immersed in those activities and are unaware of their transitory nature."

It is astonishing how this statement from St. Paul is probably ten-fold in terms of importance in todays times. The Christian life back then was a different and scrutinized life. Today is it even moreso in the area of being unique or even in that area of odd. I often wonder at the church where I attend if I am looked on as being odd. I enjoy mass and taking part in its activities. Sometimes to the extreme if that is possible. I often wonder if I am going "overboard" whith my participation.

However, on the otherhand I feel it is the work of Jesus who taps my shoulder in many ways to be a leader. To be a Christian is different than most of human life. There is a statistic that less than 5% of the population has ever ran a marathon. I wonder what the statistic is on how many people live the life of a "true Christian". I still wonder if I do!

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