Monday, July 09, 2012

Jesus and Healing

Today's readings are similar to the readings from last Sunday(2 weeks ago).  But it does stress the importance of healing through Jesus.  This healing is not just sickness, but also loss, sorrow and depression.  My co-worker in prison ministry shared with the brothers the sorrows of Mary and the true resonation that occurred with the inmates was grace.  You could see their sorrow of separation from their families and also the sorrow for their current situation.

We all need healing at one time or another and the key is to give the pain to Jesus.  It is hard for our intention is to dealing with it, be tough, get over it.  But, if we have faith then Jesus will help us bring meaning to things we sometimes do not understand.

Dear Lord, help us all turn to Jesus for healing in our times of trouble.  Let us give it all to him so we can be strong in our weakness.  We ask this through Christ Our Lord.  Amen

I promise to turn to Jesus when I am suffering.

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