Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jesus Mirror's the Prophets

And as for you, Capernaum:

Will you be exalted to heaven?
You will go down to the nether worlds

In today's Gospel Jesus condemns the areas who have heard but not repented.  He especially focusses on Capernaum in this statement above.  Jesus is pretty much calling "a spade a spade" in this statement.  Repent and follow me or face the consequences.  The same message was sent though Amos, Isaiah, Micah, Jeremiah, to the tribes of Israel.  They were told to end their sinful ways or be desimated and exiled.   It happened as God proclaimed through the prophets.  

Fortunately, in the New Covenant we are saved through Jesus Christ through his blood on the cross.  We just have to reach for him and keep on reaching back when we fall astray.  He is there to save us and lead us to heaven.  We just have to say yes and follow him and do good works on his behalf on Earth.  We have to love our neighbor and love our God.   This is what makes us the universal Church and the Body of Christ.  It's a easy decision but a challenging life.  Very close to the decisions that Jesus and Isaiah had to make when they were called by the Father to fulfill their missions.

Dear Lord, help us repent when we sin and follow God's commands.  We mess up but Jesus is always there to pick us up when we are down and come back to him.  We have to answer his call.  Amen

I promise to discern his call and answer it in my formation as he sees fit. 

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