Monday, July 16, 2012

Journey and Mission Impossible

Yesterdays Sunday Readings were special and they talked about God's mission for us.  Our life is a journey and God calls us to different vocations and tasks in our lives.  Sometimes we recognize the call and act and sometimes we refuse or fail.  However, when we take the call the results may not always be pleasant.  Such as the first reading with Amos in Bethel and the Gospel where Jesus sends the Apostles out to evangelize with nothing but a tunic, a walking stick and a pair of sandals.  I cannot believe the response was an overwhelming yes.  But, they did it and brought home the results to our Lord.

Dear Lord,  sometimes you give us tasks that we do not fully comprehend.  Give us the strength to recognize your calling and do your will.  Give us the courage to do what is not always popular for the good of the faith.  We ask this through you the Father's son.  Amen

I promise to listen to God's call and to do his will.

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