Sunday, July 08, 2012

Joy and Jesus

In the Gospel today, Jesus was having a bad day as he was chastised in his own town.  However, yesterday I had a great day.  I traveled across state to visit my son and found the joy of Jesus with him.  He is working with youth at a summer camp and his joy found in this vocation was beaming.  He talked about his great experiences, his surroundings, the people he worked with, and his job duties.  His job is hard work, but there was never a glow to him as I saw yesterday.  This must of been the same glow that Jesus had when he taught the beatitudes, was found teaching in the temple by his parents, or when he was healing the sick.  My son was truly happy in his work, for he is making a difference and is acting as a disciple of Jesus.  He would not tell you that, but it was radiant from his actions.

I am proud to be his father and truly encouraged at the man he is becoming.

Dear Lord, thank you for the opportunities that we have to serve you.  As we discover in working with others that it is not what we do or teach, but what we receive from who we are serving that is the great reward.  Through Christ Our Lord.  Amen.

I promise to be thankful for God's grace.

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