Monday, July 30, 2012

The Loin Cloth and the Mustard Seed

Today's readings state the challenges of getting into heaven.  In Judah the people were misbehaving and not worshipping God, but turning to idols and foul behavior.  Jeremiah was given by God a "parable by demonstration" with the loin cloth in terms of the fate of Judah and Jeruselem.  The loin cloth Jeremiah was told to hide had rotten just like Judah.  In the Gospel from Matthew the parables of faith like a mustard seed and the kingdom of heaven is like yeast are introduced by Jesus.  Both are very small items that turn great.  Faith is like that as well where a small amount of faith can turn into something great. 

Dear Lord, please recognize the faith of your people in it's quality and not it's quanitity.  May a person of little faith gain the grace of salvation into your kingdom of heaven.  We ask this through Christ Our Lord.

I promise to encourage people to have faith in God through Jesus Christ.

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