Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Doubting Thomas and the Body of Christ

Today we are celebrating the feast of St. Thomas.  It is important to remember the key concept which is all about faith and being part of the body of Christ.

How often are we like Thomas?  Have you ever thought this God thing was just made up?  It is easy to do with the knowledge that the creation story was written during the Jewish exile in Babylon.  Or was Christ just stolen from the tomb to make the Messiah story?  But, remember what Jesus said,"Blessed are those who believe but have not seen."  Jesus was alive and with us on Earth over two thousand years ago.  The conversion and the great faith of Paul represented in his writings and epistles are real documents.  The evidence is too strong to deny.

Moreover, how often have you tried to walk away from God and then you are pulled back, or you pull him back when there is trouble in your life?  My friends it is real and the Holy Spirit is present with us so we can believe and have faith.  Just like Jesus told Thomas when he felt his wounds.

Dear Father in Heaven, if there are times when we drift away from you please help us return by remembering Thomas and all of those who had great faith and were martyred on your behalf.   We ask this through Christ Our Lord.

I promise to remember Jesus in all that I do and be a contributing member of the Body of Christ.

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