Thursday, July 05, 2012

Amos Says We Will Be Exiled! Jesus Frees Us!

Today's reading from Amos featured one of the earliest known prophets who was a sycamore farmer from a small town.  God chose him to warn the Israelites that their poor behavior in terms of God's laws would lead them it exile.

Have you ever sinned and felt further away from Jesus?  It is kind of an exile.  However, Jesus allows you to come back to him with a confession.   Have you ever felt closer to him after your confession?  It seems like he has his arms wrapped around you.

The same thing happened when Jesus cured the paralytic by saying;  "Your sins are forgiven."  The paralytic was free and the people were amazed.  The same thing can happen to anyone who confesses their sins to Jesus.  They will be forgiven and you will be amazed of how free you feel.

Dear Lord, help us all refrain from breaking God's commandments and sin no more.  But, if we do sin bring us to mercy through Jesus Christ our Lord.

I promise to use the sacrament of reconciliation.

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