Thursday, August 02, 2012

Our Spin On the Potter's Wheel

The readings from Jeremiah and Matthew today have an interesting connection.  The Potter's Wheel story displays that God will take and form us throughout our lifetime.  But, the key is will we let him?  Will we be patient; like a potter; and give ourselves to him to be formed.  Or, do we put our free will and our power before him(which we know is false power) and our bowl remains imperfect. 

Like the potter if there is an imperfection he collapses the clay and starts over again.  I think this is the same thing with God.  There are ebbs and tides in our formation and times where if we drift off course enough we get stuck in the tide and get beached.  But, then the water rushes back in so we can get formed again. 

However, if we refuse to get formed then the result is what Jesus explained in Matthew 13:47-53 where the good fish are accepted and the bad fish thrown away.  It is hard to believe that God who is loving and good would throw us away since we are his creation.  I thing God gives us unlimited chances to be formed.  It is a matter of whether we decide to be a good fish in the net or one that is casted away. 

Here is a good website that supports the Potter's Wheel.

Pray:  Dear Lord, help us to realize that you are in control of our lives and you are the one who forms us to be ready for our entrance into your kingdom.  Please form us and let us accept you as the director of our path in life.

Promise:  I promise to pray daily for my formation.

Praise:  Thank you Lord for making us like clay, so you can form our souls toward eternal glory.


Yevette said...

I love the format you use of: prayer, promise and praise. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the repost.

JMF said...

Thanks Yevette,

I use a form of Lectio Divina for my posts. It also serves as my spiritual journal.